Copyright Management Information (CMI)
Title 17, Chapter 12, 1202(b) and 1203(c)(3)(B) of the U.S. Code

Copyright Management Information assists in the tracking and monitoring of copyrighted works and, by law, ensures the integrity of copyright notices, attribution, creation, ownership and terms and conditions for the use of the work.

1202. Integrity of copyright management information

(b) No person shall, without the authority of the copyright owner or the law:

1202(b)(1) Intentionally remove or alter any copyright management information.

1202(b)(2) Distribute or import for distribution copyright management information knowing that the copyright management information has been removed or altered without authority of the copyright owner or the law.

1203. Civil remedies

1203(c)(3)(B) A complaining party may elect to recover an award of statutory damages for each violation of section 1202 in the sum of not less than $2,500 or more than $25,000.

Important: This information is not intended to be used as legal advice. Always consult with your copyright attorney for any specific legal issues you may have.

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